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Scanning more than 1200 TLD's.

Perform searches over any or all of an extensive lists of Top Level Domains. List includes all gTLDs (e.g.: .com, .net, .org), most ccTLDs (e.g.: .uk) including second level prefixes (e.g.: co.uk), new gTLDs (e.g.: .consulting, .xyz) and many non-official TLDs (e.g.: .com.de, .se.com).

Powerful detection algorithms.

Choose between several different search algorithms based on your clients needs. Complement defensive registrations with an ‘exact match’ search to find identical domain registrations. ‘Containing match’ will find domain names within all selected TLD’s that includes the search string. ‘Full search’ will perform massive distance calculations on huge datasets to provide you with the most complete list of possible infringements.

Advanced real time filters.

Traverse the result set of each search with powerful real time sort and filter options. Filter on similarity scoring, domain name owner, registrar and other parameters. Stack filters on other filters while you explore the result set and pin point interesting registrations.

Flexible scan frequencies.

Start by making a base search with your selected configuration and then set up reoccurring searches on daily, weekly or monthly basis to find new registrations subject to investigation.

Object tagging.

Color tag domain names to get a fast and easy overview of the result set while managing your clients brands.

Export data

You can choose to export the full result sets from your searches, or take advantage of the powerful stacked filters and tag options to export a sub set. Format is the open Excel format that can be imported in other applications or sent to clients.

Flexible APIs

We provide several API solutions to meet your demands. Plain integration with RESTful API or real time connections.

Automated notifications.

Configure each account with notification details. Let our system send you full Excel documents with newly detected, possible infringements.

Detailed data about domain names.

While the search engine provides lists of domain names based on your search parameters, the inspect engine will inspect each domain name and provide you with all data you need to categorize the domain names. Whois data, DNS, thumbnails and resource related data.

User management.

Create separate user accounts for your team members, assign projects to each user and let them receive their own reports. Different user levels even makes it possible to send accounts directly to your customer.

Flexible business model

Your success is our success and we compete with our competition with quality and not long lock-in periods. Let us provide you with data to maximize your sales.

Dedicated and experience support

We are there to support you in your usage of our system. Do not hesitate to contact your account manager to discuss different search configurations or other related topics.
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